Thessarin is a small island continent sectioned off into four countries. Kathris is the largest country, with Ba’deri its close second and Xarindel mainly a peninsula that branched off from Kathris long ago. To the west is a range of mountains that serve as a border between Kathris and The Eastern Wilds, an area only known for its intense savagery and dense forests.

As ancient stories tell, Thessarin, united as one country, used to be part of a greater continent, the name of which was lost long ago. Through a cataclysmic event—some say caused by magic, others technology, others the gods—Thessarin split from the continent and began to drift northward.

Time passed, and slowly the mini-continent came to rest where it is to this day. People found that magic was stronger and more easily used. More time passed, and one monumental day, the Drakani descended from their realm to Thessarin. They awakened the true power of magic and imbued knowledge on the highest mages and set about improving Thessarin. After (supposedly) creating the mountains between the Wilds and Kathris, most of them departed. Some stayed, keeping watch over the people, and every once in a long while lending a hand.

Thessarin naturally improved greatly. Even the average commoner had a few magical abilities, and soon enough magic was at the forefront of power. Technology, which distrusted magic and the Drakani, was attacked and subsequently destroyed, though rumor has it that it was not entirely eradicated.

As the years passed, Ba’deri declared its independence from Kathris, as did Xarindel. In a series of short wars, Ba’deri and Xarindel put up enough of a fight for Kathris to step down and allow them their freedom. New ruling families were established and laws set down for inter-country dealings. A new calendar was also declared with this new era of peace.

In the current day, Kathris is still the largest and strongest nation. The capital, Thannu is larger than the cities of Ba’deri and Xarindel combined. Other cities of Kathris include: Rakinna, Sirigan, Gathria, Kithirin, Nerinen, Qarik, and Zetanu. Tirrinia is largely regarded as a Kathrin city, representing the only attempt to colonize the Eastern Wilds that met with any success.

Ba’deri is the second-largest country, though some argue that its landmass is equal to Kathris. Its capital, Thom’tani is the second-largest city on the continent and the biggest trade city on the continent. Ba’deri’s two other major cities, Da’siri and Ra’suni are ports on the ocean that ship goods straight into Thom’tani, where they are then sold or transported to other parts of the country. Other cities in Ba’deri include: Na’riki, Sa’sari, and Ma’rani.

Xarindel is, for all intents and purposes, a peninsula that holds only one city: Karus. This city supplies most of the continent—save southern Ba’deri—with food from the sea, and actively competes directly with Da’siri for trade goods.

The Eastern Wilds remain largely unexplored. Tirrinia is the only town able to pierce the vast forests, and even they never stray too far from the town edges. All that is known is that there is a river that runs through the heart of the Wilds.


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