Ba’deri is a country on the eastern side of Thessarin. It holds three major cities: Thom’tani, its capital; Da’siri, a thriving port town; and Ra’suni, a slightly less legitimate port town. In addition, there are currently three towns: Na’riki, a largely farming town; Sa’sari, a more animal-oriented agricultural town; and Ma’rani, a river- and coastal-based town.

When Thessarin first broke from its home continent, Ba’deri was part of a larger country that became Kathris. However, once the Drakani appeared and magic became stronger, a war for independence was fought, and Ba’deri secured its freedom.

Ba’deri is a monarchy, ruled by the Crown Royal. With the help of the Imperialis, anything that threatens the stability of the kingdom is neutralized quickly, effortlessly, and quietly.

More will be added as the continent is explored.


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